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A global network of small telescopes dedicated to photometry of cataclysmic variables.


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  • ES Dra (895.69960-895.99091) (Jim Jones)
  • ASASSN-17fp - 20170522 - JD7896.075-7896.277 (Gordon Myers)
  • V382 Vel - 20170522 - JD7895.842-7896.041 (Gordon Myers)
  • V1101 Aql, May 22 (Joe Ulowetz)
  • asassn-17gf, may 21 (Berto Monard)
  • ES Dra (894.69142-894.99071) (Jim Jones)
  • OV-Boo_CV_2457894.678-.865 from Donna and Lew (Lew Cook)
  • ASASSN-17gh Tonny Vanmunster 20170520 (JD 7894.40 to JD 7894.59) (Tonny Vanmunster)
  • ES Dra 170521 CV 40s JD 2457894.55443-2457894.75363 (Ken Menzies)
  • asassn-17gf, may 20 (Berto Monard)
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V803 Centauri - April 1997 - CBA

This is a light curve of V803 Cen, as synthesized from observations in South Africa (J. Patterson), Chile (J. Kemp), New Zealand (S. Walker), and Australia (P. McGee in Adelaide and G. Garradd in Loomberah). The period is 23.7±0.2 hr. The true speed demon among the dwarf novae!