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A global network of small telescopes dedicated to photometry of cataclysmic variables.


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  • V0407 Lup on September 24, 2017 ; JD 2458021.514 to 2458021.532 (Josch Hambsch)
  • V407 Lup - 20170925 - JD8021.882-8021.931 (Gordon Myers)
  • PX And (George Sj√∂berg)
  • V1974 Cyg, CV Filter, 0.41m RC, ST-10XME, exp: 120 sec., JD UT 2458021 (Donn Starkey)
  • GD 552(September, the 24th), C filter, clouds, two different check stars (David Cejudo)
  • GD 552(September, the 22nd) C filter, clouds (David Cejudo)
  • PNV J20205397+2508145 JD 2458020. (Lew Cook)
  • ~1 cycle on V405 Aur - Coarser data, not so nice lumps (Lew Cook)
  • V0407 Lup on September 23, 2017 ; JD 2458020.514 to 2458020.534 (m31 at
  • 1 short nite on V405 Aur (Lew Cook)
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V803 Centauri - April 1997 - CBA

This is a light curve of V803 Cen, as synthesized from observations in South Africa (J. Patterson), Chile (J. Kemp), New Zealand (S. Walker), and Australia (P. McGee in Adelaide and G. Garradd in Loomberah). The period is 23.7±0.2 hr. The true speed demon among the dwarf novae!