(cba:news) V1674 Her, last call?

Joe Patterson jop at astro.columbia.edu
Mon Sep 4 13:35:26 EDT 2023

Hi CBAers,

Many thanks for all your well-wishes in my recovery from a june brush 
with death.  Aside from a broken wrist and slightly impaired walking, I 
think I'm OK now.  After being seizure=free for 22 years, I got a little 
over-confident.  I dunno whether I can get back to teaching... but I was 
overdue to retire anyway (76 yo).  Having I expect to keep up with 
research for a few more years.

Speaking of which, I'm still tremendously psyched to learn the periodic 
behavior of V1674 Her.  The early 2023 result is: now around V=17.9, but 
flashing very strong 500 second periodic signals.  The latter might look 
like noise in your data... but very likely it's just the very strong 
(likely rotational) signal.  But we need to keep after it, since (a) 
it's short, and (b) the remaining observing season is also short.  Since 
the Moon has mostly moved out of the way for evening targets, now is the 
time to get (reasonably) long runs on V1674 Her.  I promise you, your 
data is much better than it looks!  (The 500 sec signal looks like noise!)

I expect to attend the Boston AAVSO meeting, and hope to see many of you 


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