(cba:news) V1674 Her and friends

Joe Patterson jop at astro.columbia.edu
Sun Apr 30 10:41:11 EDT 2023

Hi CBAers,

Thanks for all your work of late, and apologies for my long silences. 
Teaching chores and health challenges have set me back!  But I'm doing 
better on both fronts, and I certain expect to spend much of my time on 
CBA work in the coming months.

I'm still enthralled by V1674 Her (N Her 2021), and surely will be for 
the rest of the year.  Hercules is basically out of the Sun now; and at 
V=17.5, the star is still accessible to CBA scopes, except perhaps near 
full moon and poor-quality nights.  Richard Sabo and David Cejudo are 
getting errors ~0.06 mag in 60-sec integrations, which is good enough to 
study the pulse and orbital signals of this star.  And the fascinating 
signals of 2021-2 are still present.  So I urge you to pursue this star 
when conditions allow.

V407 Lup is equally fascinating, and for much the same reason - although 
our coverage is much less extensive (basically Gordon's).  Anyway, it's 
a great evening target these days.

Other novae with orbital signals are good targets too;  I'll write again 
with particulars.  Enrique, could you specify the IPs especially needing 
coverage now?  I'll work on that too - but in 2 weeks when classes 
finall end!

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