(cba:news) v1674 Her and other seasonal stars

Joe Patterson jop at astro.columbia.edu
Mon Jul 4 06:19:20 EDT 2022

Hi CBAers,

OK, we've sent off our paper on V1674 Her.  Pretty amazing target.


Co-authors should check their email/address/etc.  I know a couple of 
errors, but there might be more.  We'll send off the proper paper 
("proper" = for refereeing) in ~5-7 days.

V1674 will remain the highest priority in the next few months.  But it's 
around 17.1 now, and the raw light curves look pretty ugly since the 
8-minute signal is of such high amplitude as to look like NOISE.  I've 
had no difficulty digging it out, and urge you to keep the faith for the 
next few months.

But some other of our favorites have suffered at its hands, and let's 
get back to them, too.  Our of our common themes, large Porb changes in 
CVs, needs attention... and in particular these stars:
IM Nor
V617 Sgr
QR And
CI Aql
WX Cen
V Sge

These stars don't particularly need FREQUENT coverage, but you must have 
LONG coverage - at least 3 hrs/night, and preferably 5 or more.  The 
reason is that we seek the *orbital* light curve.  Those of you who have 
been working V2487 Oph should keep that one going too, until Christian 
and/or Maria calls you off.

I haven't said anything about U Sco here, because (a) I haven't studied 
anything about this latest outburst, and (b) I've been assuming that 
other people will do it.  But so far, not much has appeared about its 
light curve.  Some of you probably know, though - could you share it?

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