(cba:news) V1674 Her and T Pyx, and other novae

Joe Patterson jop at astro.columbia.edu
Sat Feb 19 10:29:28 EST 2022

Hi CBAers,

  V1674 Her has come out of the Sun, and the time is now to get a few 
weeks of 2022 coverage, to more strongly constrain the dP_spin/dt we 
measured in 2021.  The star is about mag 16.2, and the amplitude of the 
8-minute signal is pretty high (maybe 0.05 mag or so).  Hence not a 
difficult target.  Nevertheless, I still strongly recommend going 
unfiltered (or however you observed it in late 2021).

This is for a paper which is basically waiting for this observation - to 
"dot the i's and cross the ts"

T Pyx is now in prime position, and Josch and Shawn have been observing 
it.   It's now ~16.0.  Our major project is to track the evolving P_orb. 
  In particular, our 2017 paper showed that Porb is continuing its rapid 
(borderline amazing) rate of increase.  But the baseline wasn't so good 
- only 5 years had elapsed since the 2011 eruption.  There was a 
borderline impression that dP/dt had slowed a little.  Now another 5 
years have elapsed, so we can constrain this much more tightly now. 
Good project for time-series photometry in Feb-Mar.

V407 Lupi (Nova Lupi 2016).  At RADEC-1529-45, this is more of an 
April-June target.  But observation during the eruption year showed that 
it's a close relative of V1674 Her -in speed class, but also in the 
periodic signals it sprouted.  Let's get as much as we can on this star, 
which is now probably quite faint.

IM Nor.  Also slightly out of season.  Again, like T Pyx, our published 
data is 5 years old.  We have unpublished data since, but the best 
constraint on dP/dt always comes from a strong observation (many nights) 
at the end of the observation interval - which is now.

The Puppis boys - HZ, V597, V598.  All in prime position now.  The 
latter two might be too faint.  We have a paper on HZ Pup which is just 
waiting for 2022 data to wrap it up - so maybe that's the best choice.

We hope to have a good CBA contingent at the next SAS meeting in Ontario 
(California).  THat's June 2-4.  I hope to see you there!

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