(cba:news) V1674 Her... once more with feeling!

Joe Patterson jop at astro.columbia.edu
Fri Apr 8 06:53:17 EDT 2022


Hi CBAers,
recent ATel suggests that V1674 Her has "returned to quiescence".  I'm 
not sure exactly what the authors meant by this... maybe simply that the 
spectrum now resembles a CV rather than a nova.  But all of our data 
shows that it's still 3 magnitudes above quiescence, and exhibiting the 
same periodic phenomena which characterized the eruptive state (3.5 
hours and 8 minutes).  In particular, the pulsation period continues to 
speed up, as it did throughout 2021.

There's a lot of physics in that change of pulse period.  And it's all 
NEW physics.  Never before have we had a star with known pulse period 
*before* eruption, known pulse period ~10 days after eruption, and then 
continuously known dP/dt for the next 300 days (and counting).

Maybe when we have 10 TESSs and ZTFs, such things will be routine.  But 
it's all terra incognita now, and I earnestly hope you guys keep the 
time series coming!  It gets 4 minutes better every day... but even now, 
Hercules is well up in the morning sky.

We are just getting started on this amazing star... and I bet others 
are, too.  In the history of novae, I think it will take a high place in 
the pantheon, alongside DQ Her, T Pyx, and V1500 Cyg.


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