(cba:news) V1674 Her: Save the Last Dance for Me

Joe Patterson jop at astro.columbia.edu
Fri Sep 24 12:40:43 EDT 2021

Hi CBAers,

Hercules is no longer in prime position, but it would be *great* if we 
could get two more weeks of data on Nova Her - especially in the USA 
where the coverage has fallen off.  Aside from being (maybe) the 
fastest/most luminous nova in history, it has shocked me with its two 
periodic signals - orbit and spin.  I think there is good evidence here 
that accretion (not just nuclear) plays a large part in the nova 
energetics. The last I checked, this is nova heresy.

The most recent data is a tad sketchy, largely due to sky position and a 
bright moon.  But it looks like the 3.6 hour orbital wave, really 
healthy for the last 70 days, is now getting weak.  Simultaneously the 
8-minute spin signal appears to be strengthening.  Whether we can prove 
this depends on the density of coverage during the next two weeks

As usual, *length* of run matters a lot.  This time of year, 3 hours 
would be great.  1 hour doesn't help much.  The spin ephemeris is in 
good shape; only the orbit is getting funky.

Got any not-yet-sent runs?  I'm awfully eager to see them!


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