(cba:news) V1674 Her, one more time...

Joe Patterson jop at astro.columbia.edu
Sun Oct 24 09:52:09 EDT 2021

Hi CBAers,

It's getting late in the year for Hercules, but not hopelessly so.  I 
really would appreciate another 1-2 weeks of coverage!  The 8-minute 
"spin" period is getting stronger and stronger (in magnitude units) as 
the star fades (now mag 16.6).  This is the first time that a DQ Her 
star (IP) has ever given us an opportunity to see how the nova eruption 
affects the (alleged) magnetically channeled accretion.  We might have 
to wait another century for the next opportunity.

I'm also scrounging for data during the first 15-20 days of outburst. 
We have excellent data on JD 9382 and 9394, and a completely continuous 
record since JD 9400.  But there's probably some other data out there in 
the first ~15 days since eruption on JD 9378.  Do you have any, or know 
of any, or can retrieve any?

We have LOTS of data on this fascinating star, and it has been an 
immense pleasure to study it.  But the periodic behavior in the first ~2 
weeks is so startling that... well, I need some help!

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