(cba:news) stars for May-June

Joe Patterson jop at astro.columbia.edu
Tue May 18 09:44:28 EDT 2021

Hi CBAers,

Pardon my long silence.  I'm teaching every day now, with 50% in-class 
students and 50% remote.  Really impossible to serve both audiences 
simultaneously!  So research time is limited.  Nevertheless...

On clear nights, we still need to keep the pressure up on AM CVn - 
taking it all the way to ~2 airmasses. The 1011 s signal (the negative 
superhump) went faint on us a few weeks ago... and it take a lot of 
effort to measure the phase of a signal which is down to 0.002 mag.  Yet 
that's what the PHYSICS question (the relation to the positive 
superhump) requires.

CI Aql is another super choice - both hemispheres, and for at least the 
next two months.

Recent novae: V1974 Cyg, V4743 Sgr, and V1494 Aql

OV Boo.  Paper just about ready to go.  A couple more eclipses would be 
great.  19th mag, only suitable for big scopers.

Nova Sco 1437. Really beguiling light curve!

And some IPs (Enrique might want to add/subtract among these): V2306 
Cyg, V1223 Sgr, AO Psc

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