(cba:news) stars for March /April/May

Joe Patterson jop at astro.columbia.edu
Wed Mar 24 10:37:02 EDT 2021

Hi CBAers,

here's a more complete list of stars for (northern) spring and 
(southern) fall.  I mostly leave out IPs since our interest in them is 
constant (but more casual... in that the interest is usually pulse 
timings, rather than really lengthy coverage).

And for all stars, make allowance for the season (of course)!

Southern guys:

Southern ex-novae of high interest: IM Nor, V407 Lup, NR TrA.

Also Nova Sco 1437 (might or might not be that remnant... but a REALLY 

                     interesting light curve).

WX Cen and V617 Sgr (eclipse timings; Josch will likely cover, so these 
are lower prioroity).

V1223 Sgr.  The beat goes on.  A few runs might be enough.

AM CVn.  In 7-10 days, slack off to shorter runs.  The very long runs 
are needed to define the timing of the ORBITAL signal, which is the big 
prize.  The two superhumps are of bigger amplitude, and will be 
well-defined even with shorter runs.

DQ Her. mainly for the 71-second signal.  If you have a cycle time of 25 
seconds or less, you can time this signal (trust me), if you S/N is half 
decent.  But you do need somewhat long runs (3 hrs).  Not too much worry 
about airmass (within reason).

OV Boo.  For the eclipse.  19th mag.  Just a few more would be great.

V1974 Cyg.  A tad early in the season, but keep it in mind.  Another one 
of these of 2 superhumps + orbit guys.

hp lIB. We'd love to get an AM CVn- style campaign on this one,  Could 
get close to round-the-world coverage.

CI Aql. Another recurrent nova.  Strangely absent from our observing 
lists for years.  Early in season, but put it on your list for April-May.

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