(cba:news) YZ LMi outburst? (AM CVn+E)

Joe Patterson jop at astro.columbia.edu
Wed Mar 24 06:48:46 EDT 2021

OK, folks, this faint and possibly crowded star is a little beyond our 
reach.  But as an eclipsing AM CVn star, it needs a strong effort.  And 
if it's really in outburst, then the observations get a lot easier!


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YZ LMi outburst? (AM CVn+E)

    Normally at 19 mag.  There is a bright star (SAO61493)
to the north and the brightening needs to be confirmed.

   YYYYMMDD(UT)   mag  observer
   20210317.3329 16.290zg  (Zwicky Transient Facility Lasair (Masci+ 2019))
   20210319.2298 17.436zr  (Zwicky Transient Facility Lasair (Masci+ 2019))
   20210321.2109 18.466zr  (Zwicky Transient Facility Lasair (Masci+ 2019))
   20210323.2368 17.840zr  (Zwicky Transient Facility Lasair (Masci+ 2019))
   20210323.3023 17.903zg  (Zwicky Transient Facility Lasair (Masci+ 2019))

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