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Joe Patterson jop at astro.columbia.edu
Tue Feb 23 13:55:48 EST 2021

Hi CBAers,

Special interest in these far-southern stars for the next 6 weeks:
NR TrA, WX Cen, IM Nor.  All stars for which we have ongoing 
*orbital-period* studies.  For that reason, time resolution is not so 
Nor is quality of night, if it's decently clear.  LENGTH of run matters; 
 >3 hrs highly desirable.  HZ Pup is still desirable, but we're almost 
finished with it.

In the north, here's the basket of desirables: AM CVn, BH Lyn, V1062 
Tau>  Long-term studies ongoing for all.  AM CVn will especially reward 
*density* of coverage - as much as you can in a few weeks.  (That should 
finish the 30-year study.)    BH Lyn is an orbital + superhump study, so 
will reward length of run.  No special advice re V1062 Tau; we know only 
the broad picture (periodic signals of 1 and 10 hiurs), and seek mainly 
to close the season's coverage of the 1-hour signal.

And four stars pretty close to the celestial equator:
HP Lib - some 2-3 hour runs to start the season.
VZ Sex and WX Pyx - good long runs.
YY Sex - just 2-3 runs through an I or R filter.  Our data show 
abundantly that this star ia misclassified; but to publish it, we need 
to get a very accurate period as well as straighten out the 
classification (AM Her).

I'm not aware yet of the 2021 plans for amateur-astro meetings (mainly 
SAS and AAVSO).  Can someone knowledgeable write to cba-news or -chat 
with this info?


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