(cba:news) HV Cet, HZ Pup, AM CVn... and finis to T Pyx

Joe Patterson jop at astro.columbia.edu
Mon Feb 8 11:10:30 EST 2021

Hi CBAers,

HV Cet is likely an important star - a possible close cousin to T Pyx. 
It's late in the observing season, and still pretty faint... but our S/N 
standards are relaxed for a star like this, about which we know very 
little.  if you have a clear dark noght, give it a try.  With its dec of 
-5, everyone can likely get a few-hour run (if it's not prohibitively 

A flurry of attention to T Pyx by Gordon, Berto, Josch, and Peter has 
sewed up that star for the year - we have a very dense 10-day time 
series, and scattered coverage over a couple of months.  The orbital 
period is continuing to increase, though at a somewhat slower rate. 
Nothing more needed.

Among the many novae in Puppis we're observing or considering, HZ Pup is 
the one very near conclusion (that is, our study is).  A good subject 
for February.

In the north, AM CVn is now a good target in the morning sky.  It will 
get better, of course.  Because the periodic signal we care most about 
is the weak ORBITAL signal at 1028 s, quality of night is pretty important.

More, in a day or two.  Enrique, do you have special requests for the IPs?


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Subject: 	[vsnet-chat 8599] HV Cet: long-term brightening (From Gaia alert)
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HV Cet: long-term brightening (From Gaia alert)

Gaia alert reported a long-term brightening of a classical nova HV Cet, 
which erupted in 2008.
HV Cet has brightened ~ 2mag in recent half a year.

Gaia21arb, 2021-02-06 12:45:41, type = unknown, RA = 46.494, Dec = 
5.787, Histric mag = 19.27, alert mag = 18.08, amplitude = 1.19,
comment = 2 mag brightening of HV Cet, identified as a nova and 
supersoft source in 2008

Brightening is also seen in ZTF broker lasair.

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