(cba:news) Novae for September-October

Joe Patterson jop at astro.columbia.edu
Sat Aug 28 12:25:08 EDT 2021

Hi CBAers

Terrific coverage of N Her 2021 = V1674 Her coming in.  The star 
continues to taunt us with its strong orbital and pulse signals - even 
though it's still 4-5 magnitudes above quiescence.  Pretty clear 
evidence of greatly enhanced mass accretion.  Let's keep it rolling 
until evening twilight puts us out of business in late September.

The other seasonally appropriate novae are: V1500 Cyg, V4743 Sgr, V1494 
Aql, and V1974 Cyg.  In the early morning sky, try V Per.  All somewhat 
challenging, esp. the first two.  Less daunting targets are V Sge, and 
the intermediate polars (Enrique keeps up with them better than I do, 
and will probably have good advice).  But I'm inclined to suggest V418 
Gem and V2306 Cyg.  (And DQ Her, but only if you can afford a time 
resolution 20 s or less).

Koji Mukai, bless his heart, has updated his list of recent classical novae:


It's a great list to study for stars which are (OK, were) bright and 
seasonally appropriate.  To me the most interesting seem to be V392 Per, 
NR TrA, V407 Lup, and HV Cet.  None really well-placed, but worth 
waiting for.

But most of all, keep up the pressure on V1674 Her!

joe p
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