(cba:news) CC Scl... and intermediate polars

Joe Patterson jop at astro.columbia.edu
Sat Oct 17 07:29:47 EDT 2020

Hi CBAers,

Oops, I left out our campaigns on intermediate polars; I'll study and 
comment later on priorities among them (the list is getting big!).
Enrique, do you want to chip in re these?

And CC Scl.  Gordon, Berto, and Josch have done well on this 
multi-periodic star this year (I think our first big year on it - the 
periods are still not nailed down).  But Josch's coverage in the 
"Americas" longitude is low time resolution, and some North American 
observers - definitely Walt Cooney & Richard Sabo, and likely others - 
can get good coverage of this 17.0 mag star at high time resolution (~1 
minute).  Not for very long (Sculptor!), but some 3-hour runs at good 
time resolution would break aliases and reveal the true underlying 
period structure.

[OK, Richard's off the hook* - Montana! - but southern USA should be 
good.  (*On second thought, only if he votes for Steve Bullock.)]

For those of you new to the CBA, breaking the 24-hour alias problem is 
one of our prime reasons for existence.  You just can't nail down 
periods from observations at a simgle longitude (as I spent the first 10 
years of my career learning).  There's so much WATER in the southern 
hemisphere!...and many studies of periodic behavior in southern stars 
suffer from this uncertainty.

joe p
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