(cba:news) IM Nor and friends... plus V392 Per and novae generally

Joe Patterson jop at astro.columbia.edu
Fri Oct 16 14:33:06 EDT 2020

Hi CBAers,

Our long campaign on IM Nor has ended, and here's what came out:


Comments solicited.  Submission to a regular journal is still a ways 
off.  Since there's some pretty speculative stuff in there, I've got to 
sit on that for a little while first.  What seems exciting on a Monday 
can sometimes look pretty spacey by Friday!

But I've sure gotten seduced by these novae!  (Supersofts too, but there 
are precious few them in our galaxy.)  So here's a list of novae which I 
think are promising for Oct-Nov observing.

V392 Per.  Lots of good data from USA observers (especially western USA 
- mainly Richard Sabo and Waly Cooney).  Even more from Joe Ulowetz, and 
I use his data for calibrating everyone since his location is central in 
North America.  But not much from Europe, which we really need, because 
the periodic-signal search in this star is TRICKY - we just need to 
splice together runs over a wide range of longitude.  15th mag, well 
placed in the sky... and a star which seems destined for greatness (the 
only dwarf that became a nova!

There are some other (now quiescent) novae which are good targets in 
Oct-Dec.  Here they are: V597 Pup, CP Lac, DN Gem, and maybe KT Eri.  I 
don't know much about these - maybe just or two of them really is a good 
target.  Use your judgment.

I guess it's too late for V1974 Cyg.  But if you can get ~3 hours on 
this star, that's the best northern target of all.


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