(cba:news) V392 Per, finis!... and new Nov-Dec stars

Joe Patterson jop at astro.columbia.edu
Sat Nov 21 18:53:39 EST 2020

Hi CBAers,

Let's bring down the curtain on V392 Per.  Tremendous coverage, which I 
have greedily pounced on and worked out the periods.  The main signal is 
about 3.2 days, and there's a not-quite-coherent feature near 1.2 hours. 
  But neither signal is really in our happy zone, and the usual rule of 
thumb is: significant improvement requires doubling what you already 
have.  Too much.  So I'll write up what we have now, and let's move on.

Intermediate polars.  Some of you have adopted favorite and seasonally 
appropriate IPs.  Excellent strategy.  But here's a few of special 
importance which definitely need service: BG CMi, HT Cam, HZ Pup, V418 
Gem, V647 Aur, V667 Pup.  A 3-hr observation generally gives a good 
pulse timing.  And 10 distributed over an observing season enables a 
continuous cycle count.

Koji Mukai's listing of intermediate polars (the "NASA" listing) gives 
all the info you might need for these stars.  The common goal for all 
is: measure their long-term period change.  That's the "sociology" part. 
  However, many stars have their own quirks - sidebands, orbital 
signals, etc. - which distinguish them.  That's the "psychology" aspect. 
  Pretty much all IPs are a great hunting ground for CBA-style observation.

V597 Pup is of special interest - apparently an IP, an eclipser, and a 
nova.  Probably too faint... but take a look; if you can do it, it could 
be a mighty interesting target.

Finally, we have very long-term campaigns going for ES Cet and T Pyx. 
Both still in our nighttime sky.  It would great to get some data for 
the 2020-1 season.


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