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Joe Patterson jop at astro.columbia.edu
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Hi CBAers,

As Taichi says, PQ And is almost certainly a WZ Sge-type dwarf nova, not 
a "recurrent nova" - that's the significance of his remark about OIII 
emission, which is a strong discriminant.

But demotion to dwarf nova doesn't diminish the importance of this. 
This is a nearby and extremely bashful (hence the long time for 
recurrence) dwarf nova.  The seasonal timing is terrible, but see what 
you can do with it.  If you can use a V or R filter, you can make use of 
airmasses up to 3.0 maybe, on a good night.

A great target, for as long a time series as you can get!

joe p

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Re: PQ And in outburst!

> PQ And in outburst!

    This is, of course, of utmost importance.
This object was discovered as Nova And 1988 and
the current outburst nearly 32 years after the previous one!

    According to IAUC 4620,


Information received some weeks ago indicates that a spectrogram
was obtained of D. McAdam's variable in Andromeda (IAUC 4570, 4577,
4579) with the 2.5-m Isaac Newton Telescope, La Palma, on Apr. 1, but
various computer problems have prevented recovery of the data.  A
preliminary inspection of the object's spectrum at the time apparently
showed the presence of strong O III emission.

    So the spectrum in outburst was present only in
observer's memory.  It is the time to take a solid one!

    The object is almost certainly a WZ Sge star and
was suggested to be a period bouncer (Patterson et al. 2005).
Observations of early superhumps and growth of ordinary
superhumps are extremely important (in the morning short
observing window).

    There were only few observers who visually witnessed
the 1988 outburst (I was among them).  So get up early
and add this object to your "life list" of outbursting
dwarf novae (such concept is called "lifer" in birding).

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