(cba:news) QR And, finis

Joe Patterson jop at astro.columbia.edu
Fri Nov 8 09:15:53 EST 2019

Hi CBAers,

Really nice light curve and precise eclipse timing this year (and last) 
for the supersoft source QR And.  Time to finish for the year, and 
write it up. Lotta familiar CBA names on this one (Gordon, Tonny, Joe 
U,, Shawn, John Rock), plus a few new guys.

The supersoft sources are all great targets for orbital-period studies, 
because they - unlike practically all other CVs - show *rapid* period 
changes, which are diagnostic of mass transfer rates.

For us, T Pyx pointed the way to this realization.  Most of the world 
still does not recognize T Pyx as a supersoft... but every sunrise takes 
a while for light to dispel the darkness.  The great valley of the 
Umzimkulu was once in darkness too, but, as Alan Paton predicted, the 
light came there eventually.

joe p

PS This is totally unreasonable, but a few snapshot magnitudes of the 
original MAXIE (MAXI J1820+070) would nicely conclude our 2-year 
program.  It's probably somewhere around 18.5 and a few million 
airmasses west, so feel free to ignore!

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