(cba:news) Maxie = ASASSN-18ey... back where it came from

Joe Patterson jop at astro.columbia.edu
Thu May 9 10:35:32 EDT 2019

Hi CBAers,

Recent light curves suggest that the star has approached its (likely) 
quiescence around 17.7-18.0.  This makes it an increasingly good target 
for finding the actual orbital period - still under the assumption that 
the not-quite-stable 0.7 day period of 2018 was a superhump (very likely 
but not 100% obvious).

So promote that star on your priority list.  Unfortunately, the usual 
admonition "follow it throughout the night, from tree to tree" doesn't 
apply here - because with such an awkwardly long period, it's easy to 
get snakebit by extinction effects.  Our usual advice of airmass < 2.0 
applies... and apart from that, your general quality-of-night opinions 
are important too.

I don't have general advice about V versus "wide-V".  Obviously V is 
better if you can survive the low count rate - but it's a very big price 
to pay with a small scope at 18th mag!


Don't forget HP Lib and CR Boo, as well.

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