(cba:news) Fwd: [vsnet-alert 23090] ASASSN-19hl - bright (11m) large-amplitude object in Puppis

Joe Patterson jp42 at columbia.edu
Wed Mar 27 12:02:50 EDT 2019

Hmmm, this looks too good to pass up.  WZ Sge-type dwarf novae are not 
particularly rare, but we don't get much crack at ones this close and 
bright.  Let's jump on this guy!  As long as it's this bright, a V 
filter is better since it will allow you to stretch the observations out 
to slightly higher airmass, maybe as much as 2.7-3.0 airmasses.  (Puppis 
is getting to be a challenge in late March and April.)

joe p

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Subject: 	[vsnet-alert 23090] ASASSN-19hl - bright (11m) large-amplitude 
object in Puppis
Date: 	Wed, 27 Mar 2019 18:25:00 +0300
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ASAS-SN has reported a new bright object to Transient Name Server, see

AT 2019ckc = ASASSN-19hl
20190327.03 10.9g ASAS-SN (K. Z. Stanek, C. S. Kochanek, ASAS-SN team)

I have obtained BVR images of this object with iTelescope.Net T09
instrument (0.127-m f/5.6 refractor + CCD, image scale 2.75"/pixel) in
Siding Spring, Australia. Three 60-second exposures were obtained in
each filter from 13:28 to 13:46 UT on 2019 Mar. 27th.

Using the nearby TYC 7125-2955-1 as a reference star, the following
magnitudes were measured for ASASSN-19hl:

20190327.563 11.34R T09
20190327.568 11.06V T09
20190327.573 11.08B T09

Color-combined iTelescope.Net T09 image (10'x10' FOV):

The position of the OT is 08 11 33.50 -32 44 35.1 (+/-0.3 arcsec).
There is a blue 19th mag star near this position in USNO-B1.0, PPMXL
catalogs and Gaia DR2.

Color-combined (JRIR) DSS image (10'x10' FOV):

Gaia DR2 position is 08 11 33.50 -32 44 35.47 (within 0.4" of the
iTelescope.Net measurement) and Gmag=19.56. According to Gaia DR2,
parallax is 3.12+/-0.42 mas which corresponds to the distance 320+/-42
pc. Based on the absolute magnitude at quiescence (M~12) and in
outburst (M~4), this object is likely a dwarf nova of WZ Sge type.

Denis Denisenko

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