(cba:news) (cba:chat) IP Stars (many of which are novae)

Joe Patterson jp42 at columbia.edu
Wed Feb 20 06:45:26 EST 2019

Great list, Lew.  I can't praise Koji's list enough (although I'll 
try).  Despite my recent infatuation with novae, IPs are my first 
love... and this list manages to compact a huge range of useful 
information, really well suited for picking-and-choosing.

Very few of these stars (maybe 10 in all) have known rates of period 
change, and this is a really desirable thing to know.  It takes faithful 
monitoring over an interval of at least a few years, and that's "a 
bridge too far" for most professional astronomers.  But not for us.  
Lew's strategy of adopting a few well-placed stars (with a 3-star or 
above rating) and covering them throughout the season is a good one.  
Shawn Dvorak has been doing something like that for years, though with a 
wider net (not just IPs).

Some stars which caught my eye on scanning this list (for the umpteenth 
time; it's GOSPEL): WX Pyx, EI UMa, V1025 Cen, and IGR1509-66.

If you want to construct your own sub-list, the one item missing from 
the list is magnitude.  You'll find many of them in Koji's detailed 
pages.  Others are just "?" - but you could measure it!

joe p

On 2/19/2019 9:24 PM, Lew Cook wrote:
> I pick and choose from this list for my special interest objects. Many 
> of these are on Joe's target lists. I select only those which have 3 
> stars or more in the last column.
> It is from Koji Mukai's IP Web pages at Goddard SFC.
> https://asd.gsfc.nasa.gov/Koji.Mukai/iphome/catalog/alpha.html
> Lewis M. Cook (Lew)
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