(cba:news) ATel #13014

Joe Patterson jop at astro.columbia.edu
Sat Aug 10 21:02:42 EDT 2019

Our new report on Mister Maxie is now available as ATel 13014.  We just 
barely avoided the dreaded number 13 thousand and 13.

Nice work, guys. This one is Hambsch et al. (Ulowetz, Vanmunster, 
Cejudo).  Those were the guys doing the occasional monitoring - which 
allowed us to deduce that this was beyond just another wiggle.  At 
least, so it appears.  Help us flesh this out by obtaining long time 
series on Mister Maxie as soon as possible!

Since Joe U's discovery of the first re-brightening in February 2019, we 
don't really know anything about periodic variations.  Aquila season 
hadn't remotely begun at that point.  But having not done any time 
series analysis of our 2019 photometry, maybe some of you might want to 
take a crack at that.  There's not much of it, but there is also non-CBA 
(as well as CBA) data deposited in the AAVSO archive.  Most of you 
snapshotters have not actually sent your data in, but maybe you could 
send it in now in  compact form?  And Jonathan, maybe you could collect 
the CBA-submitted stuff?

I don't expect anything like those giant superhumps of last year.  But 
this has some promise of being the best-observed black-hole nova ever, 
so let's us try to nail the relentless time-series photometry angle as 
well as we can.

joe p

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