(cba:news) CBA Aug-Sep targets

Joe Patterson jop at astro.columbia.edu
Wed Aug 7 21:32:27 EDT 2019

Hi CBAers,

The HP Lib campaign is over.  Very nice coverage, sufficient to 
establish the orbital period to high precision.  Not quite enough to 
establish the cycle count over decades (as with AM CVn)... but it should 
be after next year.

The last menu (July 5) is still current... but with some important 
additions: QR And, V1500 Cyg, and BW Scl.  And V630 Sgr, if it's not too 
faint.  And definitely Maxie - keep an eye out for its possible 
adventures (no need for time series)

Although I mentioned numerous DQ Her stars (intermediate polars) in the 
last message, Enrique's recent post also lists some important and 
recently discovered ones.

And a reminder.  In general, the IPs are adequately served by 
medium-length time series (2-3 hours), longer ones are more impactful. 
For the novae and novalikes, lengthy time series are greatly to be 

Also... some of the nova targets are pretty damn faint.  If they're too 
faint, then skip the time series and simply report one magnitude or 
upper limit.  That would be useful!


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