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Joe Patterson jop at astro.columbia.edu
Tue Apr 30 02:56:22 EDT 2019

Hi CBAers,

The AM CVn project is nearing completion, and I wrote up a preliminary 
version for the SAS conference (attached).  Their format requirements 
caused the footnotes to be mangled/skipped, but I'll replace this with a
regular-journal article in a few weeks.  AM CVn remains a good target, 
but should now take a back seat to HP Lib - which is the only other 
always-bright AM CVn star in the sky.

The message on HP Lib is simple - all night, every night.  Southerners 
should keep the airmass under 2.0; northerners can go a little further 
(maybe 2.2 or 2.3) on a really good night.  (Sometimes "hours away from 
meridian" is a more reliable demerit than simple airmass,)

There are great never-mined treasures in HP Lib.  To my amazement, no 
one has published a time-series study since ours from 15 years ago.  We 
can vastly improve on that now, having acquired a world-wide spread for 
near-equatorial stars.

CR Boo is a close competitor.  Because it wanders somewhat in mean 
magnitude (generally 14-15.5), the analysis is trickier (and debatable). 
  But it too is very well placed in the sky, by virtue of season and 
near-equatorial status.

That's the helium-star report.  I'll write re other projects, esp. Maxie 
and the old novae, in a few days.

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