(cba:news) A plea for Maxie

Joe Patterson jop at astro.columbia.edu
Sun Sep 16 19:19:51 EDT 2018

Hi CBAers,

Maxie = ASASSN-18ey has lost many of his friends from mid-season. 
Granted, the runs are much shorter now.  But you can still get a 3-hour 
run on the star, it's still 13.5 magnitude (not stressful for anyone), 
and the waveform seems to be changing from superhump-like to 
orbital-hump-like (I think).  This would give us a chance e to define 
Porb during this observing season (2-3 more weeks).  Next year, the star 
could be mighty faint.

CBAers are really going after the intermediate polars this season!  I've 
been playing catch-up for several months.  Not yet caught up, but it 
does look like we can back off FO Aqr (relegate to occasional coverage) 
for the season - and definitely promote V1223 Sgr (also in a somewhat 
low state).  Other IPs deserving more attention now are AO Psc, V1062 
Tau, CC Scl, and Paloma (0524+42).

The dwarf novae have overwhelmed me this year.  I hope to regain my 
composure, esp. as regards the ultracompacts (AM CVns) which are so 
interesting.  Oh yeah - that reminds me: two other stars which I place 
high priority on right now: ES Cet and WZ Sge.  Definitely those guys!


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