(cba:news) SDSS J141118.31+481257.6 = AM CVn star in Bootes

Joe Patterson jop at astro.columbia.edu
Mon May 21 06:15:49 EDT 2018

Dear CBAers,

We've never observed this star before, but its nature (a long-period AM 
CVn star), brightness (14-15), and sky position (transiting near 
midnight) make it ideal for us.  Among the several unique stars 
cavorting in tonight's sky, here's one in the far north, making it ideal 
in this season of short nights.  Let's definitely *replace* AM CVn 
itself with J1411+48 as the prime northern target.

Not to take away from MAXI = ASASSN-18ey.  That one gets better with 
each passing week - because of sky position, because the amplitude of 
variation grows (and PROBABLY gets more coherent), and more generally, 
because bright black-hole transients are so rare.

Finally among these true glamor targets is Nova Sco 1437.  Two of us - 
Berto and Greg Bolt - are having a fine old time tracking its remarkable 
periodic signals (an eclipse and a DQ Her-type signal).  It's in the far 
south, unavailable to most of us.  But judging from coverage so far, the 
weather in Perth and the Karoo has been excellent!

Pardon me from failing to mention other targets for now.  Getting a 
little behind with all this new stuff arriving!

joe p

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