(cba:news) N Sco 1437 outburst, AM CVn, HP Lib, ASASSN-18ey (Maxie)

Joe Patterson jp42 at columbia.edu
Mon May 14 15:11:42 EDT 2018

Hi CBAers,

The message below - from Rod Stubbings, who never misses anything - 
vaults this star into a CBA target of prime importance.  The star itself 
was recently discovered as a dwarf-nova coincident with a 1437 classical 
nova.  So it's plenty interesting from that standpoint.  Even more 
because it appears to be eclipsing.  The 2000 coordinates are 17h 01m 
28.53s, -43d 05m 57s.  It's a crowded field, but since the dwarf-nova is 
now quite bright, that should help!

There appear to many physically significant timescales in this star: a 
30-minute spin (or something similar) period, a 12 hour orbital period, 
and the (unknown but maybe ~300 d) outburst period.  Very ripe for CBA 

It has been our finest year on AM CVn, and some continuation of the 
coverage would help.  But, whatever your latitude, i hope you give prime 
attention to HP Lib.  Only once, 20 years ago, did we concentrate on 
this star, and it is high time we make it a major target for a couple of 

Maxie also deserves your continued close attention.  We probably will 
have a second HST observation in the next few weeks... but we need 
maximally continuous coverage to detect and track its tricky 3- or 
6-hour variation (orbital, maybe?).

A lot of data coming in.  And now that classes/exams/grading is all 
finished, I can dive into the analysis with the energy it deserves.

joe p

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N Sco 1437 is in outburst

N SCO 1437           180513.517   160  Stu.RASNZ
N SCO 1437           180514.458   121  Stu.RASNZ

Rod Stubbings
Tetoora Road Observatory
Victoria, Australia
Telescope: "Infinity" 22" f/3.8
stubbo at dcsi.net.au

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