(cba:news) V598 Puppis - and its deckmates

Joe Patterson jop at astro.columbia.edu
Thu Dec 27 09:50:11 EST 2018

Hi CBAers,

This peculiar 2007 nova - sometimes called Nova Pup 2007b - was covered 
pretty well last year by Gordon and Berto.  It showed decent but not 
decisive evidence for periodic signals at 33 and 21 cycles/day.  We just 
started this season's campaign... but Josch joined the act, and the 
evidence now looks very, very good - especially the 33.  Thus it is 
probably a new intermediate polar, and should be considered very high 
priority now.

It's confusing, because the other 2007 Puppis nova, V597 Pup, is also 
probably an intermediate polar (according to Warner and Woudt).  Keep 
'em straight.  V597 Pup also a very tempting target, if you can handle 
the required short integration time (~1 minute for the 4.5 minute 
period), near 17th magnitude (or fainter?)

This - the DENSE coverage of V598 Puppis over the next ~2 weeks - is now 
the highest priority among (faint) southern targets.  ES Cet and T Pyx 
are nailed down for the year - well-behaved stars!  CP Pup can wait.  HZ 
and V667 complete the traffic jam of CBA stars on the poop deck.

joe p

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