(cba:news) April stars, resend

Joe Patterson jop at astro.columbia.edu
Mon Apr 16 16:33:57 EDT 2018

Here's a re-send of the April menu, with magnitude estimates supplied. 
But remember, I'm the one guy who *doesn't* have a telescope... so those 
are just guesses.

Also, there are two new Kepler stars which appear to be superhumping CVs 
- both quite bright:

15 57 39.57  -19 25 07.6   R=14.3     let's call it Kepler 14

15 37 38.45  -24 41 22.2   R=11.1     let's call it Kepler 11

They seem to have long periods, though there is no fast-cadence Kepler 
data available (that's where the CBA comes in).  Both very suitable for 
Josch's cadence... but also for our usual thing (say 30 s integrations 
or so), since there is no such coverage now - and won't be any from Kepler.

Not bad from the North, either.

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