(cba:news) v407 Lup, back to the battle!

Joe Patterson jop at astro.columbia.edu
Fri Sep 15 04:42:16 EDT 2017

Hi CBAers,

I had planned to wait until next year to present our results on V407 
Lup, the 2016 classical nova - namely, the 9-minute and 3.5 hour 
periods.  But a recent ATel (Astronomical Telegram) announces these 
detections in the X-ray.  With much coarser accuracy than our results, 
of course, since they're based on short-baseline data in the X-ray.

So now we should come clean right away!  Either in the form of another 
ATel, or in a very brief published paper.  Therefore let's put it back 
on the menu, for our southern observers, with highest priority.

The 9-minute oscillation appears complex - probably not just one stable, 
constant-frequency-and-amplitude signal.  In order to decipher this 
complexity, it's important that we get as close as possible to 24-hour 
coverage.  24-hours is impossible since Lupus is way out-of-season, but 
Berto and Gordon have done well with this 15.5 mag star, and we can 
probably do well enough to decipher the period structure - unless the 
period(s?) is/are actually not stable.  (If that's so, nothing will save 

So: back to work on V407 Lup, with gusto!

joe p
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