(cba:news) northern old novae

Joe Patterson jop at astro.columbia.edu
Thu Nov 16 13:13:21 EST 2017

More on the "old nova" project...

Enrique has obtained a week of coverage on V Per.  At 18.5, it's a very 
challenging target.  Still, some USA observers could handle it, and that 
would provide the longitude span that enables us to do sensitive period 
search.  For the next 1-3 weeks, it's a very good target for the 
ambitious.  I can see now that the orbital period is stable, which was 
my #1 question, but the other questions - superhumps, orbital waves, and 
past periods - are still up in the air.

DN Gem and DM Gem are 16th magnitude old novae that are inadequately 
studied.  Red meat for us! - especially DN since its orbital period is 
"known" to be pretty short (3 hours).

And in the south, HZ Pup and T Pyx are good choices, having finally 
poked out from behind the Sun.

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