(cba:news) OV Boo "preprint" and ASASSN 17-fp 51-min period (ATel #10354)

Joe Patterson jop at astro.columbia.edu
Sun May 7 04:56:47 EDT 2017

  Hi CBAers,

Attached is the quick-and-dirty paper on OV Boo, needed for the 
AAVSO/SAS conference.  A few typos and other small errors... and to be 
followed by a proper paper in mid- or late-year.

OV Boo is still a great target and, with its never-say-die superhumps 
and sharp eclipse, will probably remain so throughout the observing season.

But it's time for some ole's concerning other targets, especially in the 
southern hemisphere. I'll send out a more complete list later today, but 
here goes.

ASASSN-17fp (18 08 51.10 -73 04 04.2) is a sure winner, if it's still 
bright (it was yesterday!).  51-minute AM CVn stars are a puzzle, and 
all the more so when they erupt.  Top priority, since it's the first 
eruption, and since theory suggests they should be VERY rare.

ASAS-SN14ag is the other (08 13 18.52 -01 03 29.5).  Admittedly way out 
of season, but with 90 minute eclipses, I bet we can get a few before 
the season ends.  Worth fighting an airmass battle a little more than 
usual, if the night permits.  Probably around 16th mag.

And V382 Vel, another good early-night target.  One of the best in our 
nova-watch program, but which we've neglected recently.

NR TrA is another good target to start the season on.

And it's time to end coverage on IM Nor and NY Lup.  "Mission 
accomplished" on these guys!

All of these targets call for the usual CBA approach - long time series 
in unfiltered light.  If your CCD has a lot of UV sensitivity, then a 
minus-UV or even minus-blue filter would be nice (basically always) - 
because with our emphasis on *long* light curves, atmospheric extinction 
can be a problem.

joe p

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ASASSN 17-fp shows 51-minute periodic variations:

"Further coverage of the present outburst while
ASASSN-17fp remains bright is strongly encouraged."

Clear skies,

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