(cba:news) Further on YZ Cnc...

Joe Patterson jop at astro.columbia.edu
Wed Jan 18 06:22:35 EST 2017

In order to trigger the X-ray observation, we need to identify (or 
accurately predict, if that be within your powers) the start of an 
outburst.  If you observe it regularly every night, and also study the 
AAVSO records to see what others have done, you're likely in the ideal 
position to make that prediction.  It probably won't be a super (one 
occurred around Xmas), but the normal outbursts count too.  So... 
observe it closely, study the pattern of the normal outbursts to see if 
you can get a feel for when the next one is, and send to cba-chat or 
cba-news so other observers, perhaps at other longitudes, can weigh in.

There has never been a dwarf nova with full beginning-to-end X-ray 
coverage of an outburst.  The big obstacle is knowing when the outburst 
happens, and the START is hardest of all (since there's plenty of 
irregular variability at quiescence).  But these things can be partially 
overcome by just *getting to know the star*.

And that would be you!


p.s. I know that our australites are disinclined to cross into boreal 
regions, but short observations can contribute plenty to this. 
*Longitude* spread is really desirable in this matter.
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