(cba:news) T Pyx, finis; CN Ori, maybe ditto; CP Pup, Paloma, FS Aur, BY Cam

Joe Patterson jop at astro.columbia.edu
Wed Jan 11 15:28:51 EST 2017

Dear CBAers,

Our long infatuation with T Pyx should go into hiatus now.  The paper 
has been finally published (attached), and the new timings for this year 
are consistent with the posteruption ephemeris.  So the time-keeping for 
the orbital signal is established for the rest of the observing season.

As I think you know, David Boyd's paper on DW UMa is also slated for 
publication in MNRAS, and Gordon Myers' paper on CD Ind in PASP.  And I 
think Enrique's paper in MNRAS on RX2133+51 is about to get the blessing 
(or maybe already has).  A good end of 2016.

If you like CN Ori, keep up the coverage for another week or two; but we 
have some very dense coverage and no longer need all hands on board.

CP Pup, however, could definitely profit from all hands on board.  Our 
last campaign strongly suggested that the star's big superhumps occur at 
a period *much* longer than Porb.  We need to investigate this!  Our 
supply of southern observers is not vast, but the quality is high, and 
with sufficiently *dense* coverage (all-night runs at more than one 
longitude), we could well resolve this.

Paloma (RX J0624+42), FS Aur, and BY Cam are other stars which we should 
nail before their observing seasons get away from us.  We have 
ephemerides, but they need bolstering/confirming with good Jan-Feb coverage.

Finally, I'm looking for some good Mac-compatible software for period 
analysis, plotting, etc.  Can anyone advise me on this?

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