(cba:news) V407 Lupi and other southern targets

Joe Patterson jop at astro.columbia.edu
Sun Aug 20 09:03:49 EDT 2017

Hi CBAers,

Our first look at this 2016 nova, from Gordon and Berto, shows that the 
15th magnitude remnant has a healthy and stable 9-minute pulsation in 
it. And also something around 3 hours.  Thus it becomes our prime 
evening southern target.  Let's get all suitable firepower on this star 
before the Sun takes it away.

Here's Fred Walter's page on this star:


For the south, good follow-on targets are CC Scl, ES Cet, and this star 
from Koji's webpage (one of the Thorstensen-Halpern IP candidates; 
sorry, it's 17.7)


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