(cba:news) ov boo - falling off the plateau?

Joe Patterson jop at astro.columbia.edu
Tue Apr 4 05:48:16 EDT 2017

Hi CBAers,

Enrique's data last night suggested that OV Boo may be now falling from 
its plateau.  From its resemblance so far to WZ Sge, it might now spend 
a few days at (some form of) quiescence, then execute a series of "echo 
outbursts" - very brief outbursts, sans superumps.  Eclipses have been 
present all along, but quite wide things that suggest "inner disk" 
rather then the bare white dwarf.  Last night, however, for the first 
time, the semi-broad dip was missing, and a small sharp dip consistent 
with the bare WD was present.

  Let's see if we can tease this thing out.  In principle, this can 
reveal the temperature of the WD.  Good time resolution and SNR are 
critical, so I recommend no filter for this enterprise.

joe p
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