(cba:news) OGLE-IV Pre-discovery Observations of MASTER OT J051032.58-692130.4 (ATel #9040)

Joe Patterson jop at astro.columbia.edu
Thu May 12 05:48:36 EDT 2016

This discovery of what appears to be a classical nova couldn't arrive at 
a worse time (LMC in May), but the reported eclipses and long P_orb make 
it an important star to know about.  Australites, see what you can learn 
about it!

I've completed preliminary analysis on two program stars - V1223 Sgr and 
LN UMa.  Both can be taken off the menu, though it would be nice to 
sneak in some V1223 observations *late* in the observing season 
(September).  V803 Cen remains a very good target.


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MASTER OT  J051032.58-692130.4 (ATel #9040)
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OGLE-IV Pre-discovery Observations of
MASTER OT J051032.58-6921

"... The star was severely saturated in the image
acquired on 2016 April 28.97626 UT, meaning
it was brighter than I=11 mag. The last pre-
eruption image was taken eight nights earlier
(on April 21.00403 UT).
The progenitor was clearly visible in the OGLE
images ... and showed eclipsing-like variability
with a period of 2.6508 +/- 0.0002 d. ..."

Full text (ATel #9040):


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