(cba:news) MU Cam and DW Cnc

Joe Patterson jop at astro.columbia.edu
Mon Mar 14 16:46:17 EDT 2016

Dear CBAers,

I'm trying to use this break from classes to catch up on, among other 
things, the DQ Her stars.

1. David Cejudo has accumulated a nice streak of long runs, from Spain, 
on MU Cam.  For the last 1.5 months the star has had a mean brightness 
near 15.15... and episodes of near-constant mean brightness *really* 
help the sensitivity of period search.  So this would be an ideal time 
for long runs from the USA.  The main signals are pretty much known, but 
long runs can reveal the subtler signals that are usually present - 
sidebands/harmonics.  A week's worth of long runs from USA longitudes 
would  be great.

2. DW Cnc.  Pretty much the same comment - except that the Spanish 
perpetrator is Enrique, and this star is especially tricky with a 
complicated triply-periodic structure.  A week or more of USA runs might 
allow us to cash in these suspected, but not proven, signals.

These late-winter targets are ideal to do now, since the Sun will be 
snatching them away soon.  WX Pyx is another hard-to-figure-out guy 
too... the only reason I'm not mentioning that one is that we've *never* 
had enough data to really prove its stability.

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