(cba:news) ASASSN-16fy, a likely new dwarf nova of more-than-ordinary interest

Joe Patterson jop at astro.columbia.edu
Wed Jun 15 04:42:31 EDT 2016

This one could be a very, very interesting star, and is still decently 
available in the northern evening sky.


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    Observations are strongly encouraged!

ASASSN-16fy 	--- 	------- 	14:2:3.07 	46:13:33.6 	2016-06-7.4 	13.21 
SDSS 	DSS 	VIZIER 	------- 	Bright CV candidate, matches to SDSS g=19.5 
and GALEX, no apparent outbursts in CRTS, V>18.2 on 2016-06-03.41, 
V=13.4 on 2016-06-07.40, V=13.1 on 2016-06-08.40.

ASASSN-16fy 20160603.41 <182V ASN
ASASSN-16fy 20160607.40 134V ASN
ASASSN-16fy 20160608.40 131V ASN

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