(cba:news) AR Scorpii

Joe Patterson jop at astro.columbia.edu
Thu Jul 28 18:11:56 EDT 2016

Thanks, Josch, for your posting on cba-chat... and for finding such a 
fascinating star.

I had never heard of AR Sco before... but now it has become important 
and mysterious - and it's right up our alley!  At 14th magnitude, 
everyone should be able to time-resolve that 2 minute signal.  And at 
1621-22, it's both seasonal and (somewhat) available to both hemispheres.

I dunno what we'll find - but let's find out!

We can quit on DQ Her and Swift 2124+05, but should definitely observe 
the novae V4743 Sgr, V1494 Aql, and V339 Del.  And get a few eclipse 
minima of V Sge.  Still studying the other in-progress campaigns...

joe p

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