(cba:news) stars for July-August

Joe Patterson jop at astro.columbia.edu
Thu Jul 7 18:59:59 EDT 2016

Dear CBAers,

Our campaigns on LX Ser and DQ Her can be ended.  Too many other 
interesting targets to chase!  The campaign on RX2133+51 is going just 
great; the light curves are just beautiful and the periods very well 
defined - kudos to Jim Jones, Etienne Morelle, and Douglas Barrett.  But 
Enrique is the prime mover on this one; he'll write to advise on whether 
to continue.

July is prime time for the DQ Her stars, and we're well-positioned to 
take great advantage, with our lengthy tracking of the changing spin 
periods.  FO Aqr is highest priority, since it appears to be in a 
first-ever low state (about 15th mag).  Here are the others which 
deserve your attention now:

V2306 cYG
v2069 cYG
AO Psc
V1033 Cas
NY Lup

Then there are the old novae, confirmed and likely. I recommend V1494 
Aql as the best of these; we have a record of the steadily changing 
eclipse waveform since the 1999 nova eruption, and this will go far to 
constrain the origin of the light.  V1500 Cyg would be great, but it's 
tough (18th mag, but large-amplitude signal).  Finally, there's V4743 
Sgr, which Gordon and Berto are doing very well on - showing the spin 
and orbital periods.  A couple more weeks would conclude the V4743 Sgr 

Enrique will add to these!


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