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Joe Patterson jop at astro.columbia.edu
Mon Feb 15 18:07:35 EST 2016

Dear CBAers,

Here's the remnant from a December 2015 message, which remains timely 
(esp. HZ Pup).

-------- Forwarded Message -

But for this and future weeks, here's an appealing menu of new stars.

3. HZ Puppis (8 03 22.8 -28 28 28.8) = Nova Pup 1963.  An obvious DQ Her 
system; we need another season to put it to rest.  We need some
early-season (now) and late-season (April) runs to establish precise
cycle count... and a big push in Jan-Feb to parse the somewhat intricate 
period structure (sidebands, etc.)

4. Swift J0614+17 (=2MASS 06141230+1704321) (6 14 12.28 +17 04 32.6).
Another new DQ Her, which is discussed in astro-ph 1510.00703 (Halpern & 
Thorstensen).  V=17.5, but it's a healthy 23-minute signal.  We've been 
sporadically tracking it, but now it's time to pick up the pace and 
establish a precise ephemeris.

5. Swift J0503-28 (5 03 49.25 -28 23 8.8) V=18.1, so this is ambitious.
Another DQ with P = 16 min.

6. Swift J0525.6+2416 (5 25 22.75 +24 13 33.5) V=16.6 and P = 4 min.
Anoter DQ Her star, keep the exposure short to resolve the pulse.  BTW
stars 4, 5, and 6 are ALL in the Halpern-Thorstensen paper described above:


7. V902 Mon (6 27 46.4 +1 48 11).  Eclipsing star, nature still unknown
but likely to be a DQ Her or V Sge star.  Doesn't nicely fit into any
known category, though.

NOTE: Except for (3), these stars are *slightly* out of season.  Because 
most are DQs (=IPs), they don't necessarily need long runs - so consider 
'em.  (Although, admittedly, *all* CVs profit from long runs.)

More DQ suggestions coming in a couple days.  It sure is the season!

Oh... and happy Galileo's birthday!


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