(cba:news) Stars for August-September

Joe Patterson jop at astro.columbia.edu
Wed Aug 24 17:59:12 EDT 2016

Dear CBAers,

It's time to pull the plug on a few stars.  None have been overcome by 
onrushing twilight - the usual fate - but the coverage has been so good 
that the data excellently show the period structure and/or waveforms. 
These are V1494 Aql, FO Aqr, and V2069 Cyg.  Done.  A couple of runs in 
November on the latter two will secure the year-to-year cycle count 
beyond doubt... but lay off 'em for now.

ES Cet is a great target.  Slightly off season... but with a rapid 
payoff, since we only need a few weeks' coverage to nail down the period 

Three new northern stars which I recommend are these:

V704 Andromedae.  An old friend which we never published... and needing 
more observation.  Preferably a lot more - worth making friends with.

V1500 Cyg. 18th magnitude but with a 1 mag modulation.

LS Peg and LQ Peg.  There are published claims which conflict with our 
previous study, and with each other  Let's find who, if anyone, was 
right.  Nice bright stars, usually; definitely need long runs.  I'd rate 
LQ Peg higher priority, but it's just a guess which will be more productive

Enrique will advise on J2133+51 and KIC 9406652.  These results are 
great, but he'll decide when we have enough.

In the south, V4743 Sgr is currently my favorite, followed by the two 
Menfolk (AQ and AH; I think AQ is probably the better choice)

But AO Psc and V380 Oph are good targets for all hemispheres!

joe p

P.S. still meditating on HR Del...
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