(cba:news) J1955+00 and radio silence

Joe Patterson jop at astro.columbia.edu
Wed Sep 2 08:10:25 EDT 2015

Dear CBAers,

I just received word from Hannes Breytenbach that during the week 
starting now, he and colleagues will be observing our old friend from 
early summer, J1955+00.  They have great high-speed photometry, and our 
specialty is fairly-low-speed-but-long-duration photometry, so it would 
be great to combine our data with theirs.  They observe from South 
Africa, so USA, AU, and NZ observers will obviously be able to 
supplement with light curve from other longitudes (thus subduing 
aliases).  But even at close-to-South_Africa longitudes, I hope you 
consider it a top priority target, since they have variable weather and 
other targets too (probably some fainter ones for ideal weather).  In 
practice, a star of this brightness for a big telescope is often a 
target for in-between weather conditions.

This is a really great target, really ideal for the CBA since the light 
curve is ever-and-rapidly-changing - probably the victim of several (I 
suspect) clocks beating in and out of phase with each other.  We're 
uniquely suited to be the guys to figure all this out - even more if 
"we" includes *them*, which it does.

In a few hours I'm leaving for Italy (Rome and Palermo) for 1.5 weeks. 
Only sporadic email access during that time, so probably I'll be keeping 
even-deeper-than-usual radio silence*.  Enrique will take up the slack, 
so campaign choices won't get too stale.  Also, maybe some of the major 
J1955+00 observers from June can chime in with recommendations re comp 
stars or anything else.

AAVSO meeting coming up in Boston in early November.  I hope to see a 
bunch of you there.  I met some new people - new to me but *stalwarts* 
in our network - in Muncie in June, and Boston is a whole lot easier to 
reach than Muncie, Indiana!


*Since ours tends to be somewhat of a graybeard hobby, maybe the WW2 
slang is still OK.
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