(cba:news) HS 0455+8315

Joe Patterson jop at astro.columbia.edu
Sun Nov 29 13:05:02 EST 2015

Hi CBAers,

Enrique has been observing up a storm on this eclipsing novalike - 
supposedly an SW Sex star, though the exact meaning of that term is 
still murky.  Great, long light curves, as befits the star's 
coordinates... but so far, no help from other longitudes.  It's a pretty 
easy target - about 15.3 out of eclipse, and 16.6 at minimum.
The light curves so far look like they will yield a rich harvest: other 
signals besides Porb.  Nice target for the North Americans!

Exact (published, anyway) coordinates: 5 06 48.5, +83 19 23 (2000)

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