(cba:news) px and, and quit on RW Tri

Joe Patterson jop at astro.columbia.edu
Wed Nov 18 21:59:40 EST 2015

I just wanted to second Enrique's request re PX And.  We've had some 
success on this star, but only once in previous seasons saw the positive 
and negative superhumps simultaneously - the first year, when our lack 
of multiple longitudes made the conclusions iffy.  This is our chance to 
nail it down.

The RW Tri is really good - so good that we've just about reached the 
sensitivity of our telescopes and longitude distribution.  Short of 
someone moving to Asia or hijacking the Kepler telescope, we've reached 
our limit.

I hope LT Eri and V1294 Tau can get some love now.  Faint but rewarding!

Continuing on our long and fruitful work on the SW Sexers (certified and 
candidate), here are four guys promising for search: AT Cnc, AC Cnc, 
HS0455+83 and HS0220+06.  None yet merits a general call, but take a few 
nights and see what pops up.

And it's time to fire up TV Col - mainly for southern observers, but at 
-32 it's a candidate for some northern observers (e.g. southern USA, 
*unless* Josch or Arto adopts it.

Back from the AAVSO meeting, more after I catch up with work.....

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