(cba:news) UX UMa, RW Sex, and V842 Cen

Joe Patterson jop at astro.columbia.edu
Sat Mar 28 20:29:45 EDT 2015

Hi CBAers,

It seems likely that UX UMa is exhibiting negative superhumps, along 
with the "nodal" signal that frequently accompanies it.  This is a major 
discovery in a star long thought to be well-understood - and the 
prototype for one type of CV.  Our coverage does suffer from some gaps, 
though, and it would be great if we could get excellent data over the 
next week or two.  Especially excellent in longitude coverage, since the 
periods are kinda long: ~5 hours and ~4 days.

And as long as UX UMa is going to show superhumps, let's try for RW Sex 
as well - the other very bright "UX UMa star" in the sky this month. 
Both hemispheres OK for this one, and I recommend a V filter since there 
are plenty of photons available.

But the BEST southern target now is V842 Cen, the remnant of Nova Cen 
1986 #2.  Alleged to be a DQ Her star (56 seconds) and also a negative 
superhumper (~4 hr).  These are things we can definitely test.

I'll leave it up to Enrique to decide when to end the campaigns on DW 
UMa and VZ Sex.  Still got a broken hand/wrist, and rehabbing from hip 
surgery (so far, so good).

joe p
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