(cba:news) V1315 Aquilae

Joe Patterson jop at astro.columbia.edu
Thu Jul 30 19:22:42 EDT 2015

Hi CBAers,

   The last 3 nights, by Jim Jones and Orville Brettman, show that V1315 
is displaying strong superhumps again - the signals with period slightly 
shorter than Porb (which *defines* negative superhumps), PLUS the 
long-period (beat of Porb and Pnsh) wave which is allegedly the wobble 
period of the accretion disk.

   Outstanding!  And the reason to keep this campaign going (maybe with 
some AU-NZ coverage too, to get closer to global coverage?).  So, 
contrary to my earlier message, the top northern target now is not GD 
552, but V1315 Aql.

   Jim is using the 137 star (000-BKG-531, V-13.735) as a comparison, so 
that would be a good choice.  Orville is using AUID 000-BKG-529, so that 
might be good too.


P.S. The 2004 and 2012 campaigns on V1315 Aql very likely also showed 
these signals.  The results were not as precise or as certain as we 
could accomplish this year, given the seasonal timing and the 
improvements in our network.  Maybe V1315, unlike the other "permanent" 
superhumpers, really does have permanent superhumps.
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