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Joe Patterson jop at astro.columbia.edu
Thu Jul 30 06:06:01 EDT 2015

Dear CBAers,

I'm finishing up the formal paper on T Pyx, and wanted to get all the 
attributions, contact info, etc. down right.  I attach the ASP 
conference-proceeding paper of 2013-4.  The upcoming paper is an 
expanded version (conference proceedings always give you tight page 
limits).  See if your contact info is correct and current.

I also attach a (compact) log of observations.  Attached is one possible 
form.  Some published logs have great clutter (start times of each 
observation, accurate to 0.1 second); that alone could run 50 pages.  So 
I've prepared a log which contains the basic information, yet brief 
enough that readers will actually look at it.  But you might have a 
better idea, and there could be errors here, too.  You'll only spot the 
errors in accounting for your own work, but that will alert me so I can 
do some more digging and amend the table accordingly.

Other papers are forthcoming on IM Nor, V378 Peg, GD 552.  The first two 
are simpler since the campaigns were much shorter.  As for GD 552, it's 
back in the sky for us borealites, and since our network is much 
stronger now, I want to make one last try to get a PRECISE orbital 
period from our photometry.  It's near 0.0713 days, but we could improve 
the accuracy by 100x if we could find the signal (it's weak, though the 
star isn't particularly faint, at 16.6).  Anyway it's an excellent 
all-night target for northern observers, at least on decent nights. 
(It's the star labelled "Cep 1" in the Downes catalogue.  There's a 
contaminating star, which you might - or might not? - need to include.)

I'll send the full UX UMa draft to you on Monday, when I get back to the 
city.  (I'm spending the summer in the Catskill Mountains, which is why 
I can get a lot of writing done... but don't have all my toys with me)

Oh... and in answer to Joe U's query: *yes*, the UX UMa campaign is 
over.  Here comes the Sun/And I say it's all right...

joe p
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Year  Nights/hours Observers

1995-6   14/85     Patterson
1996-7    7/29     Patterson
1997-8    8/33     Kemp
1998-9    8/29     Kemp
1999-00   6/26     Kemp
2000-1    5/24     McCormick
2001-2    4/18     Kemp, McCormick
2002-3   19/71     Rea, Kemp, Monard, Allen, Richards
2003-4   10/39     Rea, Allen, Monard
2004-5    7/24     Rea, Monard, McCormick
2005-6   23/90     Allen, Rea, Monard, Christie,
                   Moorhouse, McCormick
2006-7   30/99     McCormick, Allen, Monard, Bolt
2007-8   18/74     Rea, Bolt
2008-9   15/62     Rea, Monard, McCormick, Bolt
2010-11   7/24     Rea, Myers (before eruption)
2011    102/400    Oksanen, Monard, Lowther, Dvorak, 
                   Bolt, Krajci, Hambsch (eruption)
2011-12  54/221    Oksanen, Monard, Hanbsch, Myers
2012-13  68/243    Oksanen, Monard, Nelson, Hambsch,
2013-14  15/61     Monard, Nelson, Oksanen, Myers
2014-15  33/154    Myers, Oksanen, Monard, Dvorak


Kemp      1.0/0.9 m   La Serena, Chile (CTIO)
Oksanen    0.3 m      Atacama, Chile (Caisey
                      Harlingten Observatory)
Rea        0.35 m     Nelson, NZ
McCormick  0.35 m     Auckland, NZ
Monard     0.35 m     Klein-Karoo Observatory
Hambsch    0.35 m     Atacama, Chile (Caisey
                      Harlingten Observatory)
Allen      0.4 m      Nelson, NZ
Nelson                Melbourne, AU
Christie   0.4 m      Auckland, NZ
Bolt       0.35 m     Perth, AU
Dvorak     0.3 m      Orlando, FL (USA)
Patterson 1.0/0.75 m  CTIO/SAAO 
Myers      0.42 m     Siding Spring, AU
Richards              Melbourne, AU
Krajci     0.35 m     Cloudcroft, NM (USA)
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